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House Painting Lake Grove, NY 11755

                                House Painters Lake Grove, NY 11755 | Painting Contractors

            The Paint Pros are House Painters in Lake Grove, NY 11755. We are a local family Business who cares about providing quality services. As Painting Contractors your Satisfaction is our Guarantee. We use top of the line Products Including : Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Arbor Coat Stains.

Our Business is located in Suffolk County Long Island. We are top Quality House Painters with the Motto "no job is too big nor too small". The Paint Pros is the third Generation of Painting Contractors. From serving Brooklyn in 1945 to serving Suffolk County, Long Island today. We have completed thousands of top quality services here on Long Island and many have been in the town of Lake Grove, NY. 

                              House Painters Lake Grove, NY 11755

  Our House Painters in Lake Grove, NY aren’t just tradesmen that just push a paint brush. We are Painting Contractors that have the knowledge of the best products for each specific job at hand. The Paint Pros are Interior Painting Contractors who perform all work with quality precision and always maintain a neat work environment.

   Most of all the communication between the consumer and a professional is an important key to a successful working relationship. We do this to achieve the proper accomplishments for the consumers needs. When you choose a Painting Contractor you expect to se
e the person you hired present on the job... The owner of The Paint Pros is not only present on every job but is actually performing the work.

Our House Painters are trained extensively, learning from Professional Painting Contractors.
The Paint Pros promise quality Interior and Exterior work and Satisfaction Guaranteed!                                                                                                                                              

                      Call The #1 Painting Contractors for your Residential or Commercial needs!

                The Paint Pros aren't just House Painters. We offer much more than just Painting! 

              House Painting Lake Grove, NY 11755                              Painting Contractors Lake Grove                                           House Painters Lake Grove

    Some fun Town History : Lake Grove, NY was settled in early 1700. The first church was built in 1818 and still stands there today. The Smith Haven Mall was Built in 1969 and created many jobs for the community. It has remained one of the most fiscally villages in Suffolk County.
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